Wise, VA Bail Bonds

C & C Bonding, LLC

C & C Bonding of Wise, VA is your local bondsman that offers fast, friendly, and reliable bail bonds services. Our bail bonds are available at lowest rates.

Bail Bond - Wise, VA - C & C Bonding, LLC

Regional Jails We Service Include:

  • Duffield
  • Haysi
  • Abingdon

We Also Service:

  • Bristol, VA jail

Nationwide bonds are available. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover,
and checks for payments.

Call C & C Bonding at 276-328-8543 or at 1-877-328-8543 and look for Jennifer, Lisa, or Robert or
you can visit us.
We are located 5 minutes from Duffield Jail.
Also call us at 1-877-328-8543 for more info.

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C & C Bonding, LLC - Wise, VA
C & C Bonding, LLC
Wise, VA

Hours of Business:
24-hour service is available.
Methods of Payment:
MasterCard Visa Discover